an other world
16/03/23 - 08/04/23|RESIDENCY & EXHIBTION
Modernism without Modernity| Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas
Exhibition open until Saturday 8 March
Visiting days and hours: Friday, Saturday, 2-6pm and by appointment.

The opening will take place: Thursday, March 16, 6-9pm
The closing, featuring the results of the residency: Friday, April 7 & Saturday, April 8, 2-6pm
Visiting days and hours: Friday, Saturday, 2-6pm and by appointment

an other world is pleased to announce the second part of Traversals, a three part project that explores the theme of liminal spaces with a selection of invited artists from abroad. The term liminal can refer to occupying either side of a threshold or boundary. The selected artists' work questions how to inhabit liminality as a place of in-betweens, contingencies, and uncertainty.

For the second part of the series, Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas presents Modernism Without Modernity, an equal parts research, curatorial, and production based project. Modernity can be broadly understood as the “western project of civilisation”. It has long been concerned with the reproduction of the productive body, atomisation, and the creation of a consumerist society. Therefore, the project is born out of a need for alternative modes of being which exist in the paradigm of modernism without embodying modernity.

The exhibition opens to collaboration in order to share the creative process behind artistic research and knowledge production. With contributions by Kent Chan, Hedvig Koertz, and Juliette Mirabito.

Featured events:
Thursday, March 16, 6pm
Opening lecture, readings from Rib’s library, and screening of Tropics Expanded, a short film by Kent Chan.

Every Friday and Saturday, 2-6pm, additional work will be added to the basement and windows of an other world.

Friday, April 7 & Saturday, April 8, 2-6pm
The last weekend will feature the results of the residency period.

Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas is a designer and curator based in Rotterdam. He is the curator at La Clinica, an artist-led artspace and artist residency in Oaxaca, Mexico. Jiménez Cárdenas' practice is rooted in auto-ethnographical methods, object making, and sculpture, using found materials and standardized products. His work is characterized by his exploration of materiality and relations, modernity as a colonial apparatus of separation, domestic spaces, kinship, nuclear family, and the child as a political figure.

Hedvig Koertz is an artist whose work repositions spacial points of view and negotiates the familiarity and value of materialities and objects.

Juliette Mirabito is a designer working across curatorial, editorial, and writing projects.

Kent Chan is an artist, curator, and filmmaker based in the Netherlands and Singapore.

Traversals is supported by Gemeente Rotterdam.
Photos courtesy Jake Caleb & Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas

<<< Follow the link belwo to hear Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas and Hedvig Koertz in conversation with Ari David >>>