an other world
02/07/22 - 03/07/22 | EVENT
Beste Anna | Katinka van Gorkum
Beste Anna, / Dear Anna, – a visual and literary exploration into the Dutch writer Anna Blaman by Katinka van Gorkum

Rotterdam-based writer Anna Blaman (1905-1960) serves as the engine of this visual and literary project, moving forward questions, conversations and correspondences about feminism, the position of women in the literary canon, being different, loneliness and friendship. An important theme in Anna Blaman’s work is the question whether we can ever really know one another. The characters in her novels are often alone and long for someone, who always remains out of reach. By immersing herself in Blamans life and work, Katinka van Gorkum wants to explore the writer as a character for her own novel. Through Anna's eyes, she wants to frame the experiences of the other protagonist, a young female writer living in Rotterdam, and share a different, historical perspective. Collected images and texts slowly began to form the character’s virtual bedroom, making way for new storylines. You are kindly invited to enter into these stories and rooms at an other world project space.

With the kind support of CBK Rotterdam
Photos courtesy Jeannette Slütter