an other world
21/10/22 - 23/10/22 |EVENT & EXHIBITION
How To Get To Love The Falling | Pensive Vivifier
You are warmly invited to the launch of How To Get To Love The Falling by the ensemble Pensive Vivifier.

The opening will take place Friday, 21 October, from 7pm.
The exhibition will be open Saturday, 22 October to Sunday, 23 October, 2-6pm.

I can make you fall in love with me. Just stare into my eyes: do you notice the gravitational pull? As the apple falls to the ground from the tree; like the moon pulls the sea; like the sun keeps all the planets in line. It feels like falling: sudden, powerful. It weighs us down, it presses us closely together, it crushes us.

At an other world, Pensive Vivifier wonders about what it is to fall behind, fall down, fall away, fall apart, fall in love, fall in love, fall in love and fall in love. In different loops, How To Get To Love The Falling asks what it is to surrender to outside forces. The works consist of materials found on social media that are shaped into music. This way they encircle things we take for granted through processes and rituals that have the capacity to spell new worlds.

Pensive Vivifier is an anti-disciplinary ensemble consisting of Janne Piksen and Teun Wolters founded in 2019. They had their first solo exhibition at Cultura Nova in Heerlen (2022). They have their next solo performance on the 9th of December in the Hague in Zaal 3.

Photography courtesy Larisa David