an other world
11/11/22 - 27/11/22 |EXHIBITION
Jammy Dodgers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles |Cosmo Sings
For this exhibition Cosmo Sings will show a new video work relating to negative affect that can be produced by (nuclear) family life. It speaks from multiple voices within a family and portrays a bubble of affect that has been produced by causes that remain unnamed. It attempts to empathetically imagine the experiences of multiple members but ultimately is a portrait of the author's own experience. With this work the viewer is invited into a space of being blocked, of communication that is no longer functional and into a process of reducing a relationship to its dysfunctional emotional elements.

Cosmo Sings is an artist from Dublin. This is their first exhibition and work using this name.

The opening will take place Friday, 11 November, from 6pm.
The exhibition will be open until Sunday, 27 November.
Visiting days and hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2-6pm.

This work was made possible with the generous support of The Arts Council of Ireland and Droom en Daad Foundation.