an other world
Piece by piece and in a slightly scattered manner, shape has been given to casts and fragments. Items have been picked apart and appropriated. Findings treasured and considered, then stored away, awaiting a setting.

Weighing oneself down and lifting oneself up.

Tedious wearing leaves its imprint.

Steps and seems engraved on skin. Sculpting in the form of hour to hour, day to day.

The labour and upkeep necessary to keep going.

Cushioned by soft edges and slightly bent knees.

The sculptural pieces seemed kindred to the caverned basement space in an other world. Parts brought in and out of the space, repositioned, adapted, lit up or dimmed. The basement interior, already saturated with traces and markings from prior use, emphasised and extended through quiet intervention.

The installation is the artist’s return to a space- and site- specific approach, following nearly two years of exploring various other formats.

Hedvig Koertz (DK 1990)
Employing versatile media such as installation, sculpture and photography, the work of Hedvig Koertz repositions spacial points of view and negotiates the value and role of surrounding materialities and objects. Specifically, her work and research process explores the difficult relation between interiority, surface level and exteriority, focusing on how understandings of this relation influence design and how design, in turn, shapes the body. Her practice most often entails a site specific approach with a strong sensitivity toward the historical context and atmosphere of a place with attention to architectural detail.
Hedvig Koertz is based in Rotterdam and has participated in shows at Hotel Maria Kapel (NL) Punt WG (NL) and Roodkapje (NL). She has developed work for FAK Münster Ovartaci Museum Aarhus and her most recent projects are illustrations for a book cover and design of an artistic research publication titled Bounded body.

Photography courtesy Jake Caleb

23/09/22 - 9/10/22 | EXHIBITION
Of the body or of leaves | Hedvig Koertz